Melissa Holley Photography: Blog en-us (C) Melissa Holley Photography (Melissa Holley Photography) Wed, 13 Jun 2018 03:51:00 GMT Wed, 13 Jun 2018 03:51:00 GMT Melissa Holley Photography: Blog 96 120 Huntsville AL Wedding Photography (Rachael + Steven's Creekside Plantation Wedding) All weddings are memorable, but I can honestly say that I will never forget Rachael and Steven's.  Their beautiful outdoor ceremony at Creekside Plantation in Mooresville, AL was so sweet and touching.  It was also without a doubt the COLDEST April wedding I've ever had the privilege of photographing.  The wedding party hung in there for Rachael and Steven's dream wedding ceremony and it was a beautiful thing to be a part of.  

This couple had friends from all over the country and one family even traveled from Australia to celebrate with them!  That is some serious friend-love right there!  It was wonderful to see friends and family members come together to enjoy an awesome party during the reception.  The BBQ from 306 Barbecue and cupcakes from Edgar's were enjoyed by everyone.  The couple made their own playlist for the reception, so each song was handpicked by them.  Their bubble send-off was the perfect way to end the evening.  

Rachael and Steven, thank you so much for letting us be a part of your day!  


Vendors that made the day special!

Venue - Creekside Plantation

Photographer - Melissa Holley Photography

Flowers - Stylish Stems

Caterer - 306 BBQ

Cake - Cupcakes from Edgars

Bartenders - A Twist of Lime

Hair and Makeup - Oh Darling Hair and Makeup

Bride’s Dress - David's Bridal

Bridesmaid’s Dresses - David's Bridal

Suits - Men's Warehouse

Rings - Kay Jewelers



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Straight to Aisle, Scott + Katy Engagement Huntsville, Alabama MDH_4196asmallMDH_4196asmall MDH_4192MDH_4192 MDH_4187asmallMDH_4187asmall MDH_4175aMDH_4175a DSC_4964asmallDSC_4964asmall DSC_4934asmallDSC_4934asmall DSC_4927DSC_4927 DSC_4927asmallDSC_4927asmall DSC_4924DSC_4924 DSC_4923asmallDSC_4923asmall DSC_4916DSC_4916 DSC_4810asmallDSC_4810asmall DSC_4812asmallDSC_4812asmall DSC_4818DSC_4818 DSC_4823asmallDSC_4823asmall DSC_4835asmallDSC_4835asmall DSC_4840asmallDSC_4840asmall DSC_4853asmallDSC_4853asmall DSC_4843DSC_4843 DSC_4882DSC_4882 DSC_4882asmallDSC_4882asmall DSC_4865asmallDSC_4865asmall DSC_4896asmallDSC_4896asmall DSC_4905DSC_4905 DSC_4913DSC_4913 DSC_4965DSC_4965 When Scott and Katy told me they met at the local watering hole here in Huntsville, Alabama Straight to Ale and they wanted to do their engagement session there..I was super excited!! I showed up at the session to find and Katy and Scott both drinking beers and chilling with their dogs on the patio. (It never hurts to have a glass of wine or a beer before photos..ha) I knew we were going to have a laid back session which is totally my vibe.  I had seen the 2013 movie "Drinking Buddies" starring Olivia Wilde and Jack Johnson so I had already had a great starting point for some inspiration for the session.  You can see hints from the movie especially in the shot where I sat them in front of the kegs.  I couldn't stop thinking how wonderful to go from Straight to Ale to Straight to the Aisle!!! 

I can't wait to travel to Sacred Stone in Fayetteville, TN for their October wedding.  Enjoy!

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Huntsville AL Wedding Photography (Leathan + Katelyn's Lowe Mill/Monte Sano Engagement) Leathan and Katelyn's engagement session felt like spending an evening hanging out with friends.  We started at Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment and wandered around stopping whenever something caught my eye.  There are so many fantastic spots out there so we made lots of stops.  Cool industrial windows, colorful murals, rope swings.  So much variety!  And of course you can't leave Lowe Mill without stopping at Suzy's Pops for a sweet treat.  How cute are these guys with their popsicles?  

After Lowe Mill we headed up to Monte Sano Mountain.  Monte Sano is always perfect for scenic engagement photos.  Who can resist the Monte Sano overlook?  We even caught it right at sunset.  I always encourage brides to wear a dress as one of their outfits for an engagement session.  Katelyn's choice was so beautiful on her and perfect for the setting.  I was almost sad when the session was over.  Lucky for me, their wedding is right around the corner!


DSC_4722aDSC_4722a DSC_4730aDSC_4730a DSC_4768DSC_4768 DSC_4772DSC_4772 DSC_4793DSC_4793 MDH_3889MDH_3889 MDH_3937MDH_3937 MDH_3943MDH_3943 MDH_3954MDH_3954 MDH_3982MDH_3982 MDH_3988MDH_3988 MDH_3992MDH_3992 MDH_4000MDH_4000 MDH_4035MDH_4035 MDH_4046MDH_4046 MDH_4048MDH_4048 MDH_4083MDH_4083 MDH_4103MDH_4103 MDH_4114MDH_4114 MDH_4123MDH_4123 MDH_4152MDH_4152

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Huntsville Alabama Wedding Photography (Chloe + Matt's Meadow Creek Farm Wedding) Chloe and Matt are one of those couples that just make me smile every time I think of them.  They are obviously crazy about each other, and so cute together.  I love them!  We had such a perfect day with them at one of our favorite venues, Meadow Creek Farm. 

Choosing the photos for their blog was super difficult for me.  I really wanted to share the story of their day.  Chloe and her mom had such a special relationship.  I couldn't stop taking photos of the two of them together.  Then the sweetness between Chloe and her son, Wyatt, and the love between Matt and Wyatt were both so touching.  When Matt got down to include Wyatt in his vows I almost lost it.  All the feels!  They wrapped up their reception with a glow exit.  Y'all know I love my night work.  I'm still obsessing over the glow exit shots!  I hope I captured even a little bit of the emotion of the day for them to look back on.

Matt and Chloe, thank you for trusting us with your wedding day memories.  We wish you a lifetime of happiness!

MDH_4970MDH_4970 MDH_4990MDH_4990 MDH_5018MDH_5018 MDH_5090MDH_5090 MDH_5033MDH_5033 MDH_5187MDH_5187 MDH_5169MDH_5169 MDH_5139MDH_5139 MDH_5075MDH_5075 MDH_5281MDH_5281 MDH_5330aMDH_5330a MDH_4239MDH_4239 MDH_4271MDH_4271 MDH_4257MDH_4257 MDH_4326MDH_4326 MDH_5347MDH_5347 MDH_5351a (1)MDH_5351a (1) MDH_5357a (1)MDH_5357a (1) MDH_4319MDH_4319 MDH_5443MDH_5443 IMG_8629IMG_8629 MDH_5436MDH_5436 MDH_4480MDH_4480 IMG_8489IMG_8489 MDH_4482MDH_4482 MDH_4490MDH_4490 MDH_5447MDH_5447 IMG_8687IMG_8687 IMG_8705IMG_8705 IMG_8721IMG_8721 IMG_8728IMG_8728 MDH_4538MDH_4538 MDH_5491MDH_5491 MDH_5484MDH_5484 MDH_5502MDH_5502 MDH_4666MDH_4666 IMG_8863IMG_8863 MDH_4647MDH_4647 MDH_5530aMDH_5530a MDH_4434MDH_4434 MDH_4445MDH_4445 MDH_4757MDH_4757 MDH_5751MDH_5751 MDH_5735aMDH_5735a MDH_5715a (2)MDH_5715a (2)

Amazing Wedding Day Vendors!

Cake and Cupcakes – Batter Up Cake Bakery

Caterer - LawLers Barbecue

DJ - Big Spring DJ’s

Venue - Meadow Creek Farm

Photographer - Melissa Holley Photography

Rings - Zales (Bride’s) Grogan Jewelers (Groom’s)

Dress - David’s Bridal

Suits - Men’s Wearhouse

Invitations -

Hair and Makeup - Blondie’s at Sola Salons (Savannah Khan)




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Huntsville Alabama Wedding Photography (Elease + Thomas's Birmingham Botanical Gardens Engagement) It was on an unseasonably warm day in January that we popped down to the Birmingham Botanical Gardens for Elease and Thomas's engagement session.  There were plenty of people out enjoying the sunshine and warm weather.  Fortunately for us, there was no shortage of places to take lovely photos in the gardens.  Honestly though, I think we could have taken photos of these two anywhere.  All I see when I look at them is how crazy they are about each other.  I loved exploring the gardens with them and can't wait until our next trip to Birmingham for their August wedding!


MDH_0543MDH_0543 MDH_0567MDH_0567 MDH_0571MDH_0571 MDH_0596MDH_0596 MDH_3221MDH_3221 MDH_3256MDH_3256 MDH_3263MDH_3263 MDH_3272MDH_3272 MDH_3291MDH_3291 MDH_3303MDH_3303 MDH_3316MDH_3316 MDH_3324MDH_3324 MDH_3339MDH_3339

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Huntsville Alabama Wedding Photography (Shawn + Jecelle's Monte Sano Lodge Wedding) We spent a wonderful January afternoon at the Monte Sano Lodge in Huntsville, Alabama with Shawn and Jecelle.  Big weddings are fun, but there is something special about a small wedding and this one was no different.  Their wedding day was so sweet and laid-back, and the couple seemed to enjoy every second of it!  They even braved the cold for some outdoor photos.  After all, you can't get married on Monte Sano Mountain without taking advantage of the views!  Shawn and Jecelle, thank you for trusting Melissa Holley Photography with your wedding day memories.  We wish you all the best!


MDH_0680MDH_0680 MDH_0706MDH_0706 MDH_0778MDH_0778 MDH_0835MDH_0835 MDH_0809MDH_0809 MDH_0718MDH_0718 MDH_0715MDH_0715 MDH_0725MDH_0725 MDH_0745MDH_0745 MDH_0780MDH_0780 MDH_3369MDH_3369 MDH_3372MDH_3372 MDH_3380MDH_3380 MDH_3489MDH_3489 MDH_0873MDH_0873 MDH_0886MDH_0886 MDH_0947MDH_0947 MDH_0979MDH_0979 MDH_1004MDH_1004 MDH_1006MDH_1006 MDH_1045MDH_1045 MDH_1046MDH_1046 MDH_1100MDH_1100 MDH_3420MDH_3420 MDH_3422MDH_3422 MDH_3436MDH_3436 MDH_3452MDH_3452 MDH_3466MDH_3466 MDH_1086MDH_1086 MDH_1091MDH_1091 MDH_1089MDH_1089

Vendors that made the day special:

Venue - Monte Sano Lodge 

Photographer - Melissa Holley Photography

Caterer - 306 Barbecue

Cake - Chandra's Piece of Cake

Flowers - Lulabell's Florist

Dress - David's Bridal

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Huntsville Alabama Wedding Photography (Christy + Anthony's First United Methodist Church Wedding) Do you guys know how crazy December can be?  Holiday parties, kids home from school, shopping, travel.  It is soooo busy.  Because of that I always try to take the month of December off from work to be with my family.  I'm so glad I broke my rule this year and booked Christy and Anthony's December wedding.  If a bride and groom can pull off a wedding on December 26th, then I can certainly photograph it.  I promise I wasn't trying to escape from my kids for a day of Christmas break!  Nope, not at all!

Honestly though, I love winter weddings and this December wedding was no exception.  We spent most of our time in the gorgeous Elyton Hotel.  As soon as we walked in the hotel I started planning to stay there ASAP!  It was such a beautiful place with an endless supply of places to photograph the couple.  Christy and Anthony chose to exchange their vows in the chapel of the First United Methodist Church of Birmingham, AL.  It was the perfect setting for their intimate ceremony.  After the ceremony, we headed back to the Elyton Hotel for more photos of the couple.  The nighttime views from the rooftop bar, Moon Shine, were amazing!  I am still obsessing over the cape she chose for after the ceremony.  Winter wedding perfection!

The reception at The Yard Restaurant at The Elyton Hotel was absolutely perfect!  Amy Smith from Papaya Wedding Planning was on top of every single detail!  Christy and Anthony, we are so honored to have had the opportunity to photograph your wedding day.  We wish you a lifetime of happiness together. 

MDH_2651aMDH_2651a GMB_0009GMB_0009 GMB_0023GMB_0023 GMB_0045GMB_0045 GMB_0053GMB_0053 MDH_2703aMDH_2703a MDH_2697aMDH_2697a MDH_2739MDH_2739 MDH_2819aMDH_2819a MDH_2821aMDH_2821a MDH_2850aMDH_2850a MDH_2895aMDH_2895a GMB_0092GMB_0092 MDH_3028aMDH_3028a GMB_0103GMB_0103 MDH_3080MDH_3080 MDH_3074MDH_3074 GMB_0114GMB_0114 MDH_3090MDH_3090 GMB_0182aGMB_0182a GMB_0217aGMB_0217a GMB_0239GMB_0239 GMB_0241-1GMB_0241-1 GMB_0251-1GMB_0251-1 MDH_2870aMDH_2870a GMB_0076GMB_0076 MDH_2881MDH_2881 GMB_0278GMB_0278 GMB_0082GMB_0082 MDH_3111MDH_3111 GMB_0283GMB_0283 GMB_0289GMB_0289 GMB_0313GMB_0313 GMB_0359GMB_0359 GMB_0371GMB_0371 GMB_0382GMB_0382 GMB_0383GMB_0383 GMB_0389aGMB_0389a GMB_0416GMB_0416 GMB_0427GMB_0427 MDH_2717aMDH_2717a GMB_0404aGMB_0404a



Vendors that made the day special:

Ceremony Venue:  First United Methodist Church of Birmingham

Reception Venue:  The Yard at The Elyton Hotel

Photographer:  Melissa Holley Photography

Planner:  Amy Smith, Papaya Wedding Planning

Cakes:  Edgar's Bakery

Flowers:  Dorothy McDaniel's Flower Market

Hair:  Latoya Jones

Makeup:  Rajeeni Patterson

Invitations:  Minted

Dress:  Ivory and White Bridal Boutique

Suit:  Men's Warehouse

Her Ring:  Diamond's Direct

His Ring:  David Yurman



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Huntsville Alabama Wedding Photography (Caitlyn + Jake's Meadow Creek Farm Wedding) Sometimes I meet clients in the most unlikely places.  Caitlyn and I met at a week long wilderness field trip with 57 5th graders.  Fun times!  We survived the field trip, and hit it off right away.  I was thrilled when she contacted me a while later about photographing her wedding.   

This November wedding was one I'll never forget.  We worked around some crazy wind throughout the day and a massive downpour just as the ceremony was supposed to start.  Caitlyn held out for her outdoor ceremony, and the Meadow Creek team worked hard to get everything ceremony ready during a break in the bad weather.  Anna at Old Frond must have worked some magic on the fireplace arrangements, because I still can't believe they survived the storm and looked beautiful for the ceremony.  

We are so thankful to have been a part of Caitlyn and Jake's day, and we wish them a lifetime of happiness together.  


Vendors that made the day special:

Venue:  Meadow Creek Farm

Photographer:  Melissa Holley Photography

Cake: Hamley Bake Shoppe

Florist:  Old Frond Floral Co.

Dress: White Dresses Boutique 

Caterer: Chef on Call Catering

DJ: Metropolitan DJ (Nate) 

Stationary: Minted

Wedding planner/ Day of Coordinator: Tara Hise

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Huntsville Alabama Wedding Photography (Maggie + Dustin's Downtown/Green Mountain Engagement) I really feel like Maggie and Dustin are more like friends than clients.  When their Downtown Huntsville engagement session was interrupted by a torrential downpour, the three of us along with my assistant huddled together in a tiny alcove for 20-30 minutes.  That is up close and personal.  They were such good sports and we even got some fun shots in the rain.  I hated that their session was cut short until I loaded their photos on my computer and saw how awesome the sky looked in some of them.  Totally worth it!  We met them at Green Mountain another day to finish up their engagement photos.  I think things worked out exactly how they were supposed to.  Yes, I'm a glass half full person!  Enjoy!

MDH_5959aMDH_5959a MDH_9118MDH_9118 MDH_6005MDH_6005 MDH_6008MDH_6008 MDH_0280MDH_0280 MDH_6073MDH_6073 MDH_9174MDH_9174 321321 MDH_9170MDH_9170 MDH_0174MDH_0174 MDH_0209MDH_0209 MDH_0253MDH_0253 MDH_2408MDH_2408

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Huntsville Alabama Wedding Photography (Nic + Krysten's Village of Providence Wedding) Nic and Krysten had an absolutely lovely wedding at the Village of Providence followed by a perfectly styled reception at the Homewood Suites.  Their small, intimate wedding was a nice change of pace for me.  Krysten's mom was a former wedding planner, and you could tell in the over the top attention to detail.  Also, these guys were so much fun!  Her pale pink poofy gown and sparkly Keds matched her bubbly personality perfectly.

There were so many special moments during the ceremony.  Krysten is lucky enough to have three amazing dads.  Two of them escorted her down the aisle, and the other performed the ceremony.  They also had a handfasting ceremony during the marriage ceremony.  It was nice to see the family involved in joining the two of them through the handfasting. 

The food from Stevarino's Italian Eatery was delicious.  Edgar's Strawberry Cake as wedding cake might be the best idea of all time!  

Krysten and Nic, thank you for allowing us to capture your day.  We wish you a lifetime of happiness together.  


342342 343343 352352 212212 340340 290290 289289 309309 311311 316316 88 1313 1818 2222 358358 5555 5858 8585 372372 9999 100100 103103 106106 122122 154154 178178 390390 196196 404404 406406 408408 447447 202202 452452 476476 480480 481481 491491 483483 490490 527527 530530 559559 581581 611611 612612 615615 462462   




Wedding Day Vendors

Ceremony Venue - Village of Providence

Reception Venue - Homewood Suites

Photographer - Melissa Holley Photography

Caterer - Stevarino's Italian Eatery

Cakes - Edgar's Bakery

Rings - Zale's(bride) Revolution(groom)

Dress - Bubble Gown

Suits - Men's Wearhouse

Flowers - Christy Jones

Hair - Christina Boenker

Makeup - Haley Walton

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Huntsville Alabama Wedding Photography (Shaunta + Rodney's Big Spring Engagement Session) I am so excited to share Shaunta and Rodney's engagement session!  I LOVE it when my clients go all out for engagement sessions, so when Shaunta mentioned a red dress I wanted to do my happy dance.  OK, I did my happy dance, but just in my office where nobody could see!  As you can see, these two were totally glamorous (and gorgeous!).  We started in front of the Huntsville Museum of Art and worked our way around Big Spring Park.  The more I look at these photos, the more excited I get about their April wedding in Carrollton, Georgia.  Enjoy!!!

MDH_4208MDH_4208 MDH_4219MDH_4219 MDH_4295MDH_4295 MDH_4303MDH_4303 MDH_4330MDH_4330 MDH_4354MDH_4354 MDH_4360MDH_4360 MDH_4378MDH_4378 MDH_4381MDH_4381 MDH_4428MDH_4428 MDH_4435MDH_4435 MDH_8820MDH_8820

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Huntsville Alabama Wedding Photography (Rosalie + Chris's Ingalls Harbor Pavilion Wedding) Rosalie and Chris's amazing Mexican wedding at Ingalls Harbor Pavilion in Decatur, AL is one I will never forget.  The food(street tacos - YUMMO), the flowers, the beautiful colors and amazing decorations.  Francis and her team from Shindigs & Such did an amazing job transforming the massive space into two distinct areas for the ceremony and reception.  The flower's from McBride Florist were some of the prettiest I've seen.  Rosalie's traditional Mexican gown couldn't have been more perfect.  All that aside, it was the sweet couple that really made the day special.  These guys have such a genuine affection for each other.  I kept catching Chris watching Rosalie with the most loving look on his face.  So sweet. 

Another thing that made the day so special was all the DANCING!  Chris and Rosalie like to salsa dance, which means a lot of their friends also like to salsa dancing.  It was such a treat to watch everybody dance the night away.  The bride and groom even changed out of their ceremony clothes to perform a choreographed dance.  They were amazing!  

Rosalie and Chris, thank you both so much for choosing us to capture your wedding day memories.  We wish you all the happiness in the world.

MDH_7971MDH_7971 MDH_7993MDH_7993 MDH_9856MDH_9856 MDH_8028MDH_8028 MDH_8038MDH_8038 MDH_8053MDH_8053 MDH_8072MDH_8072 MDH_8030MDH_8030 IMG_0068IMG_0068 IMG_8220IMG_8220 IMG_8201IMG_8201 IMG_0186IMG_0186 IMG_0412IMG_0412 MDH_8146MDH_8146 MDH_9911MDH_9911 MDH_9928MDH_9928 MDH_9930MDH_9930 IMG_0258IMG_0258 MDH_9867MDH_9867 IMG_0293IMG_0293 IMG_0308IMG_0308 IMG_0339IMG_0339 MDH_9882MDH_9882 IMG_0345IMG_0345 MDH_8227MDH_8227 MDH_8195MDH_8195 IMG_0355IMG_0355 MDH_8210MDH_8210 MDH_8200MDH_8200 MDH_8234MDH_8234 MDH_9958MDH_9958 MDH_8355MDH_8355 MDH_8305MDH_8305 MDH_8249MDH_8249 MDH_8255MDH_8255 MDH_0066MDH_0066 MDH_0079MDH_0079 MDH_0098MDH_0098 MDH_0133MDH_0133 IMG_0630IMG_0630 MDH_0136MDH_0136 MDH_8469MDH_8469 IMG_0741IMG_0741 IMG_0750IMG_0750 MDH_8492MDH_8492 MDH_9963MDH_9963 MDH_9977MDH_9977 MDH_9960MDH_9960 IMG_0852IMG_0852 MDH_9986MDH_9986 MDH_8525MDH_8525 IMG_0790IMG_0790 MDH_0159MDH_0159 MDH_0171MDH_0171 MDH_8518MDH_8518 MDH_8668MDH_8668 MDH_8658MDH_8658 MDH_0559MDH_0559 MDH_0533MDH_0533 MDH_0406MDH_0406 MDH_0419MDH_0419 MDH_0421MDH_0421 MDH_8516MDH_8516 MDH_8646MDH_8646 MDH_9999MDH_9999 MDH_8792MDH_8792 MDH_8638MDH_8638 MDH_0349MDH_0349 MDH_0350MDH_0350 MDH_0589MDH_0589


Vendors that made the day special!

Venue - Ingalls Harbor Pavilion

Photographer - Melissa Holley Photography

Florist - McBride Florist

Decorations and Draping - Frances at Shindigs & Such

Caterer - El Palomino

Cake - Erika Rios, pastry chef at Grill 29

Other Desserts - La Estrella

First Dance Choreography - Roberto Alexander Dextre Jr.

DJ - Giovanni Rodriguez

Bride’s Hair - Katherine Boyd, Salon Allure

Bride’s Makeup - Breanna Marie Clark

Officiant - Jason O'Brien

Dress - Sindashi

Shoes - Sindashi Cd. Mex

Suits - Jos. A Bank

Rings - Grogan's (hers), Gemvara (his)

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Britt + Brittain's Meadow Creek Farm Wedding I bet you think I made a typo in the blog title?  Nope!  My bride and groom from this fabulous wedding were Britt and Brittain.  How cute is that?  I think they were meant to be.  

Their October wedding took place at one of my favorite venues, Meadow Creek Farm.  There are so many beautiful and unique places to photograph at Meadow Creek, and we took advantage of most of them.  We even snuck over to borrow a nearby cotton field.  It was so perfect to tie in with their cotton center pieces and fall wedding vibe.  

The couple chose not to see each other before the wedding.  We had a little fun taking photos of them "together" in the doorway and window of the barn.  I love the way they turned out.  Just a little bit extra to add to the anticipation of seeing one another at the altar.

You might notice that this blog is a little heavy on shots of the groom and groomsmen.  These guys were all in!  They made sure we got all the shots.  No stone was left unturned.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed shooting them.  Grooms, take note.  Have fun on your wedding day!  Your pictures will be awesome!  Just be careful not to have toooo much fun before the ceremony.  

Britt and Brittain, I wish you all the happiness in the world.  Thank you for sharing your day with me.


IMG_0260IMG_0260 IMG_0197IMG_0197 MDH_6164MDH_6164 MDH_6209MDH_6209 MDH_6179MDH_6179 IMG_0012IMG_0012 IMG_0036IMG_0036 IMG_0040IMG_0040 IMG_0062IMG_0062 IMG_0093IMG_0093 IMG_0096IMG_0096 IMG_0119IMG_0119 IMG_0192IMG_0192 IMG_0194IMG_0194 IMG_0236IMG_0236 IMG_0243IMG_0243 IMG_0256IMG_0256 IMG_0326IMG_0326 IMG_0362IMG_0362 IMG_0374IMG_0374 MDH_6221MDH_6221 MDH_6265MDH_6265 MDH_6269MDH_6269 MDH_6303MDH_6303 MDH_6354MDH_6354 MDH_6369MDH_6369 MDH_6398MDH_6398 MDH_6399MDH_6399 MDH_6424MDH_6424 MDH_6431 (2)MDH_6431 (2) MDH_6434MDH_6434 MDH_6465MDH_6465 MDH_6468MDH_6468 MDH_6498MDH_6498 MDH_6502MDH_6502 MDH_6505MDH_6505 MDH_6509MDH_6509 MDH_6547MDH_6547 MDH_6587MDH_6587 MDH_6626MDH_6626 MDH_6637MDH_6637 MDH_9438MDH_9438 MDH_9275MDH_9275 MDH_9297MDH_9297 MDH_9302MDH_9302 MDH_9342 (2)MDH_9342 (2) MDH_9319MDH_9319 MDH_9357MDH_9357 MDH_9367MDH_9367 MDH_9382MDH_9382 MDH_9427MDH_9427 MDH_9432MDH_9432 MDH_6640MDH_6640 MDH_6643MDH_6643 MDH_6646MDH_6646 MDH_6663MDH_6663 MDH_6676MDH_6676 MDH_6690MDH_6690 MDH_6614MDH_6614 MDH_6716aMDH_6716a MDH_6760MDH_6760 MDH_6765MDH_6765 MDH_6942MDH_6942 MDH_6943MDH_6943 MDH_6817MDH_6817 MDH_6859MDH_6859 MDH_6861MDH_6861 MDH_6881MDH_6881 MDH_6903MDH_6903 MDH_6909MDH_6909 MDH_6926MDH_6926 MDH_6949MDH_6949

Vendors that helped make the day special!

Venue - Meadow Creek Farm

Photographer - Melissa Holley Photography

Florist - McBride Florist

Dj - Roscoe 

Cocktail hour - Mezza Luna

Cater - JW Steakhouse

Cake - Nothing Bundt Cakes

Suit - Jos. A Banks

Dress - Monica's Bridal in Chattanooga (Brides)

Rings - Tacori (Brides)

Bridesmaid dresses - Madison Town and Country

Ringbearer's Suits - Belk



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Brooke + Karl's Hampton Cove Wedding Plantation Wedding Brooke and Karl's wedding at Hampton Cove Wedding Plantation was just magical.  It was obvious the first time we met them that they were crazy about each other, and their love shone through on their wedding day.  The venue was beautiful and Carla and Heather were on top of every detail.  Their decor was simple, elegant, and meaningful to the couple.  They share a love of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, so books and other tasteful touches were included in the reception.  They had a special lock made just for the Tunnel of Love.  The flowers from Simpson's Florist were gorgeous and the food from Zoe's was delicious.  We were expecting rain all day, but shockingly it held off until late that evening.  It was a perfect day for a wonderful couple!

We are so happy that Brooke and Karl chose us to capture their Wedding Day Memories!

MDH_6958MDH_6958 MDH_6965MDH_6965 MDH_6971MDH_6971 MDH_6974MDH_6974 MDH_6981MDH_6981 MDH_7010MDH_7010 MDH_7020MDH_7020 MDH_7035MDH_7035 MDH_7037MDH_7037 MDH_7058MDH_7058 MDH_7069MDH_7069 MDH_7075MDH_7075 MDH_7078MDH_7078 MDH_7084MDH_7084 MDH_7088MDH_7088 MDH_7105MDH_7105 MDH_7133MDH_7133 MDH_7165MDH_7165 MDH_7168MDH_7168 MDH_9441MDH_9441 MDH_9448MDH_9448 MDH_9453MDH_9453 MDH_9456MDH_9456 MDH_9459MDH_9459 MDH_9472MDH_9472 MDH_9497MDH_9497 MDH_7186MDH_7186 MDH_7190MDH_7190 MDH_7205MDH_7205 MDH_7241MDH_7241 MDH_7248MDH_7248 MDH_7249MDH_7249 MDH_7265MDH_7265 MDH_7281MDH_7281 MDH_7305MDH_7305 MDH_7321MDH_7321 MDH_7329MDH_7329 MDH_7341MDH_7341 MDH_7372MDH_7372 MDH_7437MDH_7437 MDH_9585MDH_9585 MDH_9589MDH_9589 MDH_9594MDH_9594 MDH_9613MDH_9613 MDH_9618MDH_9618 MDH_9632MDH_9632 MDH_9637MDH_9637 MDH_9656MDH_9656 MDH_7485MDH_7485 MDH_9691MDH_9691 MDH_9694MDH_9694 MDH_9712MDH_9712 MDH_9514MDH_9514 MDH_9729MDH_9729 MDH_9522MDH_9522 MDH_7482MDH_7482 MDH_7505MDH_7505 MDH_7510MDH_7510 MDH_7511MDH_7511 MDH_7524MDH_7524 MDH_7532MDH_7532 MDH_7559MDH_7559 MDH_7562MDH_7562 MDH_7567MDH_7567 MDH_7575MDH_7575 MDH_7578MDH_7578 MDH_7592MDH_7592 MDH_7685MDH_7685 MDH_7695MDH_7695 MDH_7744MDH_7744 MDH_7746MDH_7746 MDH_7757MDH_7757 MDH_7788MDH_7788 MDH_7790MDH_7790

Vendors that made the day so special!

Venue - Hampton Cove Wedding Plantation

Caterer - Zoe's Catering

Cakes - Angie Bakes Cakes

Rings - Osborne's Jewelers

Dress - The Something Blue Shoppe

Flowers - Simpson's Florist

Hair & Makeup - Karlie Day

DJ - Citybeatz DJ Services




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Sara Beth + Andy's Annabella at Cedar Glen Wedding If you know me or follow me on social media, you probably know that I consider myself somewhat of a hippie.  I try to trust my instincts, and I talk about karma and mojo a lot.  You know, completely normal stuff!  When I met Sara Beth and Andy all of my hippie instinct bells started ringing.  We just hit it off right away.  We had so much in common and I fell in love with the love I could feel between them.  These guys are seriously so sweet together.

Their wedding was on a Friday the 13th at Annabella at Cedar Glen, but there was absolutely nothing unlucky about this day.  The weather was perfect, the venue was absolutely amazing, and the couple was stunning as you will see.  I know Sara Beth and Andy will have a wonderful life together.  It was my honor to capture their wedding day. 


MDH_4571MDH_4571 MDH_8916MDH_8916 MDH_8925MDH_8925 MDH_4501MDH_4501 MDH_4582MDH_4582 MDH_4601MDH_4601 MDH_4607MDH_4607 MDH_4642MDH_4642 MDH_4651MDH_4651 MDH_4673MDH_4673 MDH_4679MDH_4679 MDH_4719MDH_4719 MDH_8864MDH_8864 MDH_8860MDH_8860 MDH_8875MDH_8875 MDH_8882MDH_8882 MDH_8877MDH_8877 MDH_8889MDH_8889 MDH_8891MDH_8891 MDH_8904MDH_8904 MDH_8910MDH_8910 MDH_4761MDH_4761 MDH_8963MDH_8963 MDH_4846MDH_4846 MDH_4859MDH_4859 MDH_4867MDH_4867 MDH_4886MDH_4886 MDH_4891MDH_4891 MDH_4904MDH_4904 MDH_4911MDH_4911 MDH_8933MDH_8933 MDH_8994MDH_8994 MDH_9008MDH_9008 MDH_9040MDH_9040 MDH_9045MDH_9045 MDH_4951MDH_4951 MDH_4963MDH_4963 MDH_4968MDH_4968 MDH_4726MDH_4726 MDH_4992MDH_4992 MDH_5007MDH_5007 MDH_5042MDH_5042 MDH_5140MDH_5140 MDH_5183MDH_5183 MDH_5188MDH_5188 MDH_5198MDH_5198 MDH_5209MDH_5209 MDH_5211MDH_5211 MDH_5220MDH_5220



Vendors that made the day so special!

Venue - Annabella at Cedar Glen

Caterer - Tim Smith's Catering Classics

Dress - David's Bridal

Tuxedos - Jos. A. Bank

Rings - Osborne's Jewelers


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Jennifer + Travis's Meadow Creek Farm Wedding I kicked off my fall weddings this year with Jennifer and Travis's wedding at Meadow Creek Farm in Toney, AL. Their late September wedding day was absolutely perfect.  This sweet couple filled their day with special touches and loving friends and family.  The bride had one of the most adorable first looks with her Dad that I have ever had the pleasure of photographing.  Those two obviously have a special bond.  Jennifer and Travis shared letters with one another before the first look, and watching the emotion as they read them was so touching.  I can't fail to mention Travis's Grandma Polly who caught the bouquet!  She was too much fun!

Jennifer and Travis, thank you for sharing your day with me.  I wish you a beautiful life together.

MDH_3678MDH_3678 IMG_0273IMG_0273 MDH_3453MDH_3453 IMG_0055IMG_0055 MDH_3542MDH_3542 MDH_3579MDH_3579 IMG_0079IMG_0079 MDH_3552MDH_3552 MDH_3536MDH_3536 MDH_3626MDH_3626 MDH_3618MDH_3618 MDH_3643MDH_3643 IMG_0086IMG_0086 IMG_0413IMG_0413 IMG_0407IMG_0407 MDH_8457aMDH_8457a IMG_0310IMG_0310 IMG_0315IMG_0315 IMG_0332IMG_0332 MDH_8488MDH_8488 314314 IMG_0349IMG_0349 MDH_3684MDH_3684 MDH_3682MDH_3682 MDH_3693MDH_3693 IMG_0192IMG_0192 IMG_0196IMG_0196 MDH_3659MDH_3659 IMG_0249IMG_0249 IMG_0204IMG_0204 MDH_8613MDH_8613 313313 IMG_0445IMG_0445 MDH_8563MDH_8563 MDH_8564MDH_8564 MDH_8593MDH_8593 IMG_0474IMG_0474 IMG_0487IMG_0487 IMG_0502IMG_0502 MDH_8598MDH_8598 IMG_0495IMG_0495 MDH_8608MDH_8608 IMG_0508IMG_0508 IMG_0528IMG_0528 IMG_0591IMG_0591 IMG_0613IMG_0613 MDH_8634MDH_8634 MDH_8678MDH_8678 MDH_8754MDH_8754 IMG_0702IMG_0702 IMG_0684IMG_0684 MDH_8534MDH_8534 MDH_3514MDH_3514 MDH_3839MDH_3839 MDH_3846MDH_3846 MDH_3856MDH_3856 MDH_8780MDH_8780 MDH_3892MDH_3892 MDH_3938MDH_3938 MDH_3946MDH_3946 MDH_3952MDH_3952 MDH_8807MDH_8807 MDH_8802MDH_8802 MDH_3960MDH_3960 MDH_3969MDH_3969 MDH_3972MDH_3972 MDH_4037MDH_4037

Vendors that made the day so special!

Venue - Meadow Creek Farm

Videographer - Jay Burleson

Caterer - Ole Hickory BBQ

Cakes - Batter Up Cakes

Rings - Grogan Jewelers

Dress - Modern Brides (Bridal gown)  Town & Country (Bridesmaids gowns)

Suits - Men’s Warehouse

Flowers - Shelby Bailey

Hair & Makeup - Under the Veil (Becca Shaddy)




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Rachael + Steven's Green Mountain Engagement Session We met Rachael and Steven at Green Mountain bright and early one Saturday morning.  I usually shoot in the late afternoons and evenings so this was a change of pace for me.  Luckily the light was amazing.  It was before the leaves started turning so no fall color, but Green Mountain is lovely pretty much year round.  Who doesn't love a covered bridge?  

Adorable Grayson joined his mom and dad for the session and we had so much fun.  How cute is this kid?  We are looking forward to seeing all of them at their April wedding at Creekside Plantation in Mooresville!  I know Rachael will make a beautiful bride. MDH_8271MDH_8271 MDH_8259MDH_8259 MDH_8194MDH_8194 MDH_3385MDH_3385 MDH_3399MDH_3399 MDH_3406MDH_3406 MDH_8195MDH_8195 MDH_8207MDH_8207 MDH_8221MDH_8221 MDH_8234MDH_8234 MDH_8247MDH_8247 MDH_8255MDH_8255 MDH_8287MDH_8287 MDH_8291MDH_8291


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Sylyndar + LeVon's Nashville Engagement Session You guys know I love a good road trip!  We headed up to Nashville, Tennessee for this fabulous session with Sylyndar and LeVon.  These guys are so cute and so much fun.  They hung in there with me for four different locations and three different outfits.  We hit the Bicentennial Mall, the Titans stadium, some of the murals in the Gulch, and ended the day at the Parthenon in Centennial Park.  That is a marathon engagement session!

I'm looking forward to their summer wedding at the beautiful Huntsville Botanical Gardens!

MDH_3226MDH_3226 MDH_3218MDH_3218 MDH_3212MDH_3212 MDH_3168MDH_3168 MDH_3147MDH_3147 MDH_3163MDH_3163 MDH_3181MDH_3181 MDH_7589MDH_7589 MDH_7610MDH_7610 MDH_7614MDH_7614 MDH_7632MDH_7632 MDH_7628MDH_7628    

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Chloe + Matt's Engagement Session Chloe and Matt are such a sweet couple.  The weather wasn't great the day of their session and we talked about rescheduling.  Luckily we didn't, because the rain cleared and made the temperature nice and cool for a summer night.  Perfect!  We met them at Big Spring Park and worked our way to the Koi murals and the twinkle lights in Downtown Huntsville.  I think it was the perfect mix of fun and romantic shots.  Cute little Wyatt joined Mom and Matt for half of the session and he did great!  I can't stand the cuteness this kid brought to their session.  I'm sure the giant sucker I brought didn't have anything at all to do with his willingness to perform for the camera.  

I'm really looking forward to seeing these guys again at their March wedding!  

MDH_2997MDH_2997 MDH_2916MDH_2916 MDH_2929MDH_2929 MDH_2940aMDH_2940a MDH_3010MDH_3010 MDH_3023MDH_3023 MDH_3024MDH_3024 MDH_3042MDH_3042 MDH_3060MDH_3060 MDH_3063MDH_3063 MDH_7454MDH_7454 MDH_7467MDH_7467 MDH_7485MDH_7485 MDH_7510aMDH_7510a MDH_7518aMDH_7518a

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Sara Beth + Andy's Engagement Session I absolutely loved working with Andy and Sara Beth!  We met by chance at Barnes and Noble where I was waiting to meet another perspective client.  We hit it off right away and they eventually hired me to photograph their wedding.  I definitely believe it was fate that put us together and I couldn't be more thankful!  

These guys are pretty much a photographer's dream.  Gorgeous, super sweet, and so in love!  It is so easy to photograph couples that are this comfortable together.  Throw in an awesome country spot with some rusty old vehicles, and you get this amazing engagement session.  Andy and Sara Beth like to hunt and shoot together, and we had fun incorporating that into the shoot.  

I hope you love these as much as I do!

MDH_1676aMDH_1676a MDH_1654aMDH_1654a MDH_1661aMDH_1661a MDH_1658aMDH_1658a MDH_1696aMDH_1696a MDH_6530aMDH_6530a MDH_6539aMDH_6539a MDH_6557aMDH_6557a 650650 651651 657657 673673 682682 683683 MDH_6597aMDH_6597a


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