Melissa Holley Photography | Tori + Will's Meadow Creek Farm Wedding

Tori + Will's Meadow Creek Farm Wedding

October 25, 2017

Tori and Will's wedding at Meadow Creek Farm in Toney, AL was SO MUCH FUN!  That is just the best way to describe it.  Tori was super relaxed.  I love it when the bride is focused on the meaning of the day rather than the details.  I don't think anything could have put a damper on her excitement over marrying Will.  And don't let me forget to mention that she was absolutely stunning!  Especially those eyes.  Gorgeous!

Before the ceremony the girls jammed out in the bridal suite and the guys watched TV and played pool upstairs.  Tori and Will decided to have a first look, so we had a ton of time to capture couple shots of them.  They were such good sports and ready to try anything I dreamed up. 

After the ceremony, the bridal party and guests danced the night away.  Seriously, I haven't been to many weddings with this many people who loved to dance.  It was a blast!

Congratulations Tori and Will!  We know you two are loving married life!

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Vendors that made the day awesome!

Venue - Meadow Creek Farm

Coordinator - Tara Chandler

DJ - Metropolitan Disk Jockey Service (Steve Metz)

Caterer - Creative Catering (David King)

Cakes - Old Vienna (Theresa Carpenter)

Dress - David's Bridal

Videography - Zac and Michaela Baker

Pastor - Steve Lacy

Makeup - Brianne Clark from Mary Kay

Hair - Angie Taylor (Artistry Salon)