Melissa Holley Photography | Krysten + Nic Hays Nature Preserve Engagement session

Krysten + Nic Hays Nature Preserve Engagement session

June 15, 2017

May 7, 2017

As you can probably guess from their photos, Krysten and Nic are a lot of fun!  You just have to have a certain personality to pull off purple hair, and Krysten rocks it.  I can’t wait to see what color she goes with for her wedding in November! 

We walked all around the picturesque Hays Nature Preserve and they were willing and eager to do anything for a photo op.  Climb down the muddy stairs?  Sure!  Lay down in the middle of the bridge?  Of course!  Get to the middle of that tall grass field in your fabulous shoes?  No problem! 

Williams comp 001Williams comp 001 Williams comp 002Williams comp 002 MDH_9593MDH_9593 MDH_9516 - CopyMDH_9516 - Copy MDH_9500 - CopyMDH_9500 - Copy MDH_9481 - Copy - CopyMDH_9481 - Copy - Copy MDH_9467 - Copy - CopyMDH_9467 - Copy - Copy MDH_9449 - Copy - CopyMDH_9449 - Copy - Copy MDH_4874-2 - Copy - CopyMDH_4874-2 - Copy - Copy MDH_4866 - Copy - CopyMDH_4866 - Copy - Copy I always encourage couples to incorporate their interests in their engagement session.  Krysten and Nic brought books, Harry Potter wands, and Star Wars light sabers for us to work with.  It was a session I won’t forget!