Melissa Holley Photography | Huntsville AL Wedding Photography (Leathan + Katelyn's Lowe Mill/Monte Sano Engagement)

Huntsville AL Wedding Photography (Leathan + Katelyn's Lowe Mill/Monte Sano Engagement)

May 18, 2018

Leathan and Katelyn's engagement session felt like spending an evening hanging out with friends.  We started at Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment and wandered around stopping whenever something caught my eye.  There are so many fantastic spots out there so we made lots of stops.  Cool industrial windows, colorful murals, rope swings.  So much variety!  And of course you can't leave Lowe Mill without stopping at Suzy's Pops for a sweet treat.  How cute are these guys with their popsicles?  

After Lowe Mill we headed up to Monte Sano Mountain.  Monte Sano is always perfect for scenic engagement photos.  Who can resist the Monte Sano overlook?  We even caught it right at sunset.  I always encourage brides to wear a dress as one of their outfits for an engagement session.  Katelyn's choice was so beautiful on her and perfect for the setting.  I was almost sad when the session was over.  Lucky for me, their wedding is right around the corner!


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